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2018 New Year's Deals

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39,00 €
RT-10T - Roland Tom Trigger (Black)
Standard Price: 69€

Newly Improved Triggers for Kick, Snare, and Toms

With acoustic-drum triggering more popular now than ever, Roland has responded to requests from the market and created these new-generation triggers: the RT-10K (for kick drums), RT-10S (for snare drums), and RT-10T (for toms). Physically smaller than their predecessors, the new 10-series triggers are easier to position. Best of all, they feature new trigger-sensing technology for improved response.

* New sensor system and lighter material case to improve the trigger response
* Can be used with mesh heads as well as regular acoustic drumheads
* Works directly with Roland V-Drums TD series, TMC-6, SPD series, and HPD-series
* RT-10S supports separate head/rim dual triggering
* Approximately 10% smaller than previous models
* Kensington security lock-hole for theft-proof merchandizing

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