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Summer Fiesta 2017

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419,00 €
SP125H - Simon Phillips Signature Snare 12"x5" Brushed Nickel Hardware (signed by Simon!)
Standard Price: 599€

Simon's new main snare, which he appropriately christened "The Monarch", produces regal, never-heard-before tones thanks to its unique construction and equally unique rims. The Monarch features an 8ply maple/bubinga/maple composite shell fitted with special "Customized Triple Flanged" hoops that offer slightly sharper attack than regular flanged Brass Mighty Hoops. The inspired combination of these original design ideas provides a remarkable combination of rich, warm controlled sound with a sharp and bright cut. His second main snare, "The Gladiator", combines a 5.5"x 14" size with a black nickel-plated bronze shell. His "The Pageant" model with its die-cast hoops and maple shell perfectly complements the Gladiator and Simon often uses it as the main snare on some tracks.

7ply Figured Maple w/SFR
Die-Cast(6 Hole Brushed Nickel Plated)
MSL35 (Brushed Nickel Plated)
MUS80AH/MUS80BH(Brushed Nickel Plated)

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