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Summer Fiesta 2017

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49,00 €
TU-1000 - Stage Tuner
Standard Price: 199€

Pro-Caliber Tuning for the Stage Floor

The new BOSS TU-1000 is a tuner fit for a rockstar. The new flagship of the famous BOSS TU-series is built tough and made for the stage floor. Its large, high-intensity LED meter provides perfect visibility on dark stages or outdoors, while the ultra-smooth and accurate motion of the tuning meter makes tuning fast, easy and accurate.

* Ultra-smooth, accurate motion and superior visibility with the meter’s oversized LED
* Accu-Pitch uses the motion of the meter’s lights to show when tuning is complete
* Two display modes: Cent (LED functions like a needle-type meter) and Stream (fluid light motion indicates when notes are out of tune)
* Powering up the tuner automatically mutes the output signal, allowing you to tune without outputting sound
* Handles open tunings, DADGAD, and other alternate tunings, as well as dropped tunings up to six semitones below standard
* Two outputs, including one with direct signal flow

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