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2018 New Year's Deals

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155,00 €
BURST - NEW BLURST Modulated Filter, 9.6DC-200 PSU included

An LFO-modulated, variable-resonance lowpass filter in a stompbox
Create dramatic frequency sweeps with sharp resonant peaks
Variable Resonance control lets you control the frequency boost around the filter cutoff
Set the speed of the LFO with the Rate knob or sync it to the tempo with the Tap footswitch
Tap Divide settings let you subdivide the rate within the set temp for advanced rhythmical effects
Dial in the range of the frequency sweeps with the Range control and use the Shape to adjust the waveform style
Mix the filter into your tone via the Blend knob to protect some of your tone from extreme sweep ranges
Plug in an expression pedal to add extra dimension via direct Range, Rate, and filter frequency control
A truly amazing effect on its own, but also a great way to get more out of the effects you already have
A particularly good addition to any of Electro-Harmonix's keyboard-emulation pedals or POG models
Great for guitar, bass, keyboards, and anything else you feel like plugging into it

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