Fender / 099-4931-000

Am SRS Trem Arm Springs

Fender / 011-0140-840

American Original '60s Telecaster®, Rosewood Fingerboard, Fiesta

Features:Tribute model to the 1964 Telecaster CustomPure Vintage '64 pickups 60s-era "C" maple neck suits all playing stylesModern 9.5"…
Fender / 011-5112-384

American Performer Telecaster®, Maple Fingerboard, Penny

Features:American-made Telecaster Alder body yields a balanced tone with equal amounts of lows, mids, and highsMaple modern “C” neck…
Fender / 019-3902-721

American Pro Jazz Bass®, Maple Fingerboard Natural

At Fender, we live and breathe electric instruments. We never rest—pushing craftsmanship to its limits, we design, test and endlessly experiment…
Fender / 019-3612-705

American Pro Precision Bass®, Maple Fingerboard, Olympic White

Bass—it's where rhythm meets melody, creating a righteous groove that forces you to move with it. Without the Fender Precision Bass, the original…
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