Ibanez / GSR205BF-WNF

E-Bass Guitar Fretless GSR205F-WNF

Features:neck - type GSR5 Maple neckbody - Mahogany bodyfretboard -Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlayfret- Fretlessbridge - B15 bridge (16.5mm…
Ibanez / GRG121DX-WNF

E-Guitar # Walnut Flat

Features:Ibanez GIO GRG121DX Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:Comfortable contoured basswood bodyFast-action maple neckRosewood fingerboard with…
Ibanez / ARZ200EX-BKF

E-Guitar #Black

Ibanez / GAX30-TCR

E-Guitar GAX-Serie Transparent Cherry

Features:Ideal Beginner Electric GuitarPoplar body exhibits impressive balance and resonanceInfinity R humbuckers deliver a range of fiery high-output…
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