<p>MZ-X300 - MZ-X300 61-key Arranger Keyboard ( standard price 599.-)<br /></p>
499,00 €

MZ-X300 - MZ-X300 61-key Arranger Keyboard ( standard price 599.-)

Packed with new sounds: drums, basses, guitars, organs, brass, and more
Instruments with multiple articulations, including:
900 presets; 280 Rhythms
Monophonic and HexLayer sounds
Expansion Memory: 128MB
New Vintage Drawbar Organ System:
Drawbar leakage and other effects
Improved rotary simulation
Real-time drawbar control via nine physical sliders
Dedicated Percussion and Rotary Speaker switches
Expression Pedal Input
New Rhythm Controller with:
2 Intros, 4 Variations, 4 Fills, Fade In/Out, 2 Endings, Break, Ritardando
Pattern Recording with 100 user rhythms
SMF import

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