Wired Microphones


E 614 - Super-cardioid condenser microphone for instruments and cymbals

General DescriptionThe super-cardioid e 614 is a permantly polarized condenser microphone designed for demanding applications which require a wide…

E 865 - Condenser Vocal Microphone

General DescriptionThe e 865 is a fully professional super-cardioid vocal microphone utilising the very best in condenser microphone technology to…

E 902 - Cardioid dynamic bass instr. mic

General DescriptionThe e 902 is a dynamic cardioid instrument microphone, which was designed for lowest bass signals with very high sound pressure…

E 906 - Supercardioid dynamic instr. mic for guitar amp.

General DescriptionThe supercardioid e 906 instrument microphone was especially designed for guitar amplifiers, but it is also an excellent choice…

E 935 - Professional cardioid vocal microphone

General DescriptionThe cardioid e 935 is a fully professional vocal microphone, developed to cut through high on-stage levels.Features * Rugged metal…

E 945 - Professional super-cardioid vocal microphone

General DescriptionThe e 945 is a fully professional super-cardioid vocal microphone which cuts through the mix and offers a smooth, natural sound.…
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