<p>LDDAVE8XS - DAVE 8XS Compact 8" powered Multimedia System<br /></p>
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LDDAVE8XS - DAVE 8XS Compact 8" powered Multimedia System

LD Systems DAVE Serie - Compact 8" powered Multimedia System
Product Number: LDDAVE8XS

New ReleaseIntroduction Date: 2011-01-10

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LDDAVE8XS LD DAVE8XS - User LD DAVE8XS - User's manual [3,72 MB]
LDDAVE8XS EC Declaration of Conformity EC Declaration of Conformity [97,4 KB]

The LD Systems DAVE8XS is a portable multimedia system equipped of an 8" band pass subwoofer (150 W RMS) and two 4" satellites (2 x 100 W).

It was designed for all kinds of multimedia applications such as home recording, studio monitoring, PC speaker, small sized public facilities (such as bars/pubs) etc. The A/B class amplification module integrated in the subwoofer delivers a high output and powers both sub and satellites. The LD Systems DAVE8XS features XLR and RCA Phono Line inputs, as well as all common protective circuits. The integrated limiter keeps your system safe from an overload and will guarantee a long operational life. On the side of the sub you will find an on/off switch, an 180&
176; phase reverse and a separate subwoofer volume knob allowing you to find the perfect sound balance between crystal clear high tones, punchy mids and powerful bass. The satellites feature a mic stand flange allowing a quick installation and configuration of your system. A &
8221; for all sound lovers!

* Max SPL: 117 dB
* Balanced Inputs
* Integrated amplification module
* Phase reverse
* Subwoofer volume control
* Recessed thread for wall mounting
* 3/8&
8221; microphone stand adapter
* Front cover and wall mount brackets optional


* Model name: LDDAVE8XS
* Type:
o Subwoofer: Band Pass
o Satellites: Sealed
* Components:
o Subwoofer: 1 x 8" Custom Made
o Satellites:
+ LF: 2 x 4" Custom Made
+ HF: 1" Custom Made
o Amplification: Class A / B
* Dispersion: 60&
176; x 60&
* Power Output (RMS):
o Subwoofer: 150 W
o Satellites: 2 x 100 W
* Frequency Range: 45 Hz - 19 kHz
* SPL (1 W / 1 m): 96 dB
* Max SPL: 117 db
* Protection: Short circuit, Over-current, Limiter
* Controls: Volume, Sub Level, 180 &
176; Phase Reverse, On / Off Switch
* Indicators: Power, Protect
* Connectors:
o Subwoofer:
+ Input: Line: XLR, RCA Phono
+ Output: SPKn: Powered output for passive Satellites
o Satellites:
+ Input: SPKn
* Cooling system: Heatsink
* Power supply: Transformer
* Cabinet Material:
o Subwoofer: 15 mm MDF
o Satellites: 12 mm MDF
* Cabinet Surface: Painting
* Dimensions (W x H x D):
o Subwoofer: 352 x 430 x 434 mm
o Satellites: 144 x 350 x 170 mm

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