Atelier Handpan chez Stage Music avec BAMSS et Sela 🎶

🗓️ Date: 6 juillet 2024

🕚 Heure: 11h00

📍 Lieu: Stage Music (36, rue de Luxembourg Z.C. Hohkaul, Sandweiler, Luxembourg)

🎟️ Prix du billet: 45€
🔢 Places disponibles: 10

🌟 Découvrez l’art de jouer du Handpan avec Patrick Morbach, un musicien et éducateur passionné de l’école de musique BaAMSS. Explorez le rythme et la beauté du Sela Handpan grâce à ses conseils experts.
Ce que vous apprendrez:
🎵 Techniques de base: Maîtrisez les techniques de Fingertipping et de Slap.

🎵 Apprentissage interactif : Participez à des sessions de jam et explorez votre créativité.

🎵 Conseils d’expert : Patrick partagera des astuces pour perfectionner votre technique.

Offre spéciale : Les participants bénéficieront d’une réduction exclusive de 15% sur l’achat d’un Handpan Sela chez Stage Music.

Ne manquez pas cette occasion unique!

Réservez votre place dès maintenant en envoyant un email à:

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Summer has finally arrived, and here at Stage Music, we’re celebrating with our biggest deals of the season!

From June 4th to September 4th, we’re offering incredible savings on all your favorite musical gear. Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, pianist, or DJ, now is the perfect time to upgrade your equipment and elevate your sound.

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Korg KRXE20

Digital Piano, automatic accompaniment, 88 key


Pioneer DJ DJM-S5

Scratch-style 2-channel DJ mixer gloss red


Saturn Evolution Birch Exotic, Stage+, Exotic Azure Burst #PT Now included Hardware Pack MXHPF1000( value 869.- )for free!


At Stage Music, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality brands like Korg, Akai, Pioneer DJ, Mapex, and many others. These summer savings make it easier than ever to get the best gear at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re looking to add a new instrument to your collection or upgrade your current setup, we’ve got you covered.

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Boss Katana Gen 3 Series – Next-Level Guitar Tone

Katana Gen 3 Guitar Amplifier Series

Boss has long been a pioneer in the world of guitar amplification, and their Katana line has set a high standard since its introduction in 2016. The original Katana series, known for its tube-inspired sound and modern versatility, has been a favorite among guitarists. Now, with the introduction of the Katana Gen 3 Guitar Amplifier Series, Boss takes this legacy even further, offering new innovations and enhancements that promise to elevate your playing experience.

Main Features

  • Third-generation Katana amplifier with evolved Tube Logic sound and expressiveness
  • Flagship 100-watt combo amplifier with advanced tone tools and a custom cabinet design
  • Distinctive gray and black matrix grille
  • Custom 12-inch Waza speaker realizes classic British stack speaker tone with increased power handling  
  • Six amp characters—including the newly developed Pushed type—plus a selectable variation for each
  • Bloom switch engages a dedicated circuit that revoices the amp’s feel and response
  • Five independent effects sections: Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb
  • Solo section with dedicated level boost and delay effect
  • Three-way Contour for shaping the overall tonal color
  • Three selectable Global EQ options
  • Three Cabinet Resonance options: Vintage, Modern, and Deep
  • Eight Tone Setting memories for storing all amp and effect settings
  • Power Control for achieving cranked-amp tone and response at low volumes
  • Updated Boss Tone Studio app (Windows/macOS) for remote editing from a computer or mobile device
  • Download and share Katana sounds on BOSS Tone Exchange
  • Compatible with sounds created on previous stage-class Katana models
  • Enhanced Amp Characters:
    • Six amp characters including a new Pushed character for dynamic, touch-responsive gain.
    • Selectable variations for each character, providing 12 unique tones.
  • New Tube Logic Enhancements:
    • Improved sound, feel, and response with a more expressive edge-of-breakup character.
  • Bloom Circuit (Select Models):
    • Revoices the amp’s feel and response for a more dynamic playing experience.
  • Expanded Onboard Effects:
    • Five categories (Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, Reverb) with three variations each.
    • Enhanced sound quality and intuitive parameter controls.
  • Updated BOSS Tone Studio Software:
    • Customizable effects from 60 different types.
    • Deep editing options and wireless editing via the optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor.
  • Advanced Connectivity:
    • Comprehensive audio connectivity options for modern performers.
    • Remote control capabilities with footswitches and expression pedals.
    • GA-FC and GA-FC EX Foot Controllers support (select models).

If you’re serious about your music and want to explore
the latest in guitar amplification technology, the Boss Katana Gen 3 series is a must-try.
These amps offer unparalleled versatility, expressiveness, and customization,
making them suitable for any guitarist.
Visit our store in Sandweiler to experience the Katana Gen 3 amps for yourself.
We have them ready for you to try out in our showroom, or you can order yours today.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your sound to the next level!

Special Offer: EVANS Hybrid Sensory Percussion at 999€ – Transform Your Music!

Are you a drummer seeking to push the boundaries of your musical expression? The EVANS Hybrid Sensory Percussion system is the groundbreaking innovation you’ve been waiting for.
Developed in collaboration with Sunhouse, this system transforms your acoustic drum kit into a dynamic controller for electronic music, offering unparalleled creative possibilities.

Unmatched Creativity: Control multiple sounds and effects with each drum.

Expressive Play: Maintain the feel of acoustic drumming while exploring digital sounds.

Easy Setup: Seamlessly integrates with your existing drum kit.

From 23 May to 28 July 2024, take advantage of our special promotion and get this revolutionary technology for just 999€, down from 1,599€!

Discover the PolyBrute 12 Synthesizer

Dive into the PolyBrute 12’s Unmatched Expressive Power

For musicians seeking the pinnacle of expressive sound and innovative design, the PolyBrute 12 is a game-changer. This synthesizer combines unmatched tactile control, an expansive sonic palette, and advanced software integration, making it the ideal choice for both professionals and enthusiasts.

The Ultimate in Expressive Playability

At the heart of the PolyBrute 12 is the groundbreaking FullTouch® keyboard. This innovative keybed architecture captures the precise position and acceleration of each key, allowing for an unprecedented level of expressive control. With three new aftertouch modes, every keystroke breathes life into your compositions, enabling a dynamic range from subtle nuances to expansive soundscapes.

A Sonic Powerhouse

The PolyBrute 12 features a 12-voice architecture, dual analog VCOs, and a sophisticated modulation matrix, providing a rich and versatile sound palette. From deep, resonant basses to shimmering pads and intricate textures, this synthesizer transcends sonic boundaries. The dual filters, including the Steiner and Ladder filters, add color and shape, while the modulation matrix allows for intricate sound design.

Seamless Studio Integration

PolyBrute Connect bridges the gap between hardware and software, replicating the entire front panel as a standalone app and plugin for major DAWs. This integration ensures real-time control, easy patch management, and the ability to preview new sound banks directly on your PolyBrute 12. The seamless connection between synth and software enhances your workflow, making sound design and performance more intuitive.

Versatility for Every Musician

Whether you’re performing on stage, composing in the studio, or exploring new sonic territories, the PolyBrute 12 adapts to your needs. Its extensive modulation options, expressive controls, and robust design make it the perfect tool for any musical endeavor.

Experience the PolyBrute 12

Ready to elevate your music creation process? The PolyBrute 12 offers more sonic possibilities than any other analog synthesizer. Visit our store to experience this revolutionary instrument firsthand and discover how it can transform your sound. Our team of experts is here to guide you through its features and help you find the perfect gear for your musical journey.

Contact us today to pre-order the PolyBrute 12 and step into a new era of expressive analog synthesis.

Introducing LD Systems MAUI® Series: Your Ultimate Portable PA Solution

Why Choose LD Systems MAUI® Series?

  • Compact Design: The MAUI® Series features a vertical array configuration that ensures a large dispersion angle and homogeneous sound distribution. Plus, its sleek and unobtrusive design blends seamlessly into any setting.
  • Superior Sound Quality: Equipped with DynX® DSP technology, the MAUI® Series delivers distortion-free playback and exceptional audio performance. The built-in multiband limiter, EQ, compressor, and 3-way crossover ensure pristine sound reproduction every time.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can easily stream high-quality audio from your smartphone or other devices. Perfect for playing backing tracks or background music during gigs or events.
  • Easy to Transport: The MAUI® Series is incredibly portable, allowing you to carry the entire sound system with ease. Whether you’re a solo musician or part of a band, you can set up your PA system in seconds and focus on delivering a stellar performance.

MAUI® 11 G3: The Ultimate Portable Cardioid Column PA System

The MAUI® 11 G3 is the flagship model of the MAUI® Series, offering unmatched power and versatility in a compact package. With 1460W peak power and 125dB max SPL, this system delivers a large, powerful, and precise sound that impresses in any application.

Key Features of the MAUI® 11 G3:

  • 2 x 8” subwoofers for powerful bass reproduction
  • 6 x 3.5” full-range speakers for balanced mids
  • 2 x 1” tweeter drivers for precise and silky highs
  • Cardioid column for controlled radiation in the low-mids and mids
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for wireless streaming
  • Automatic setup recognition for uncomplicated operation
  • Quick and easy setup without tripods
  • Robust subwoofer housing made of birch multiplex with a durable polyurea coating
  • Columns made of lightweight aluminum with powder coating

Whether you’re performing at concerts, DJing at parties, or hosting events, the MAUI® 11 G3 is your go-to solution for delivering crystal-clear sound with unmatched ease and convenienc

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your sound to the next level with LD Systems MAUI® Series. Visit our store today and experience it in person!


Dive into the world of pure performance with the Yamaha NU1XA Digital Avant Grand Hybrid Piano – a pinnacle of technological innovation and musical artistry. Crafted to satisfy the demands of discerning musicians, this instrument seamlessly blends the timeless elegance of a grand piano with cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled playing experience.

Yamaha NU1XA

New Digital Avant Grand Hybrid Piano – Black Polish

Discover the Spirit of a Grand Piano:
The NU1XA embodies the essence of a grand piano, offering a truly immersive experience that transports you to the stage of performance you’ve been aspiring to. With its sophisticated design and elegant curves, it exudes timeless beauty while delivering unmatched musical expression.

Revolutionary Technological Features:

  • Articulation Sensor System: Experience precise and nuanced performance nuances with key and hammer sensors that capture every subtlety of your playing.
  • CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial Piano Samples: Immerse yourself in the rich and resonant sounds of two world-renowned grand pianos, the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial.
  • Grand Expression Modeling: Unlock limitless tonal variation and expression, replicating the intricate interplay between player and instrument found in acoustic pianos.
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM): Reproduce the complex resonances of a grand piano, adding depth and dimension to your playing.
  • GrandTouch™ Pedals: Enjoy an authentic pedal-pressing feel, reminiscent of a grand piano, for enhanced expression and performance range.

As a premium Yamaha dealer, we’re proud to offer the NU1XA to musicians who demand nothing but the best. Whether you’re a professional pianist seeking the utmost in performance or an enthusiast looking to elevate your playing, the NU1XA represents the pinnacle of Yamaha’s commitment to excellence in musical craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Visit our store and explore the Yamaha NU1XA Digital Avant Grand Hybrid Piano for yourself. Elevate your musical journey with the NU1XA – where tradition meets innovation, and performance reaches new heights!

Make order online or visit our store in Sandweiler.
Our working hours:
Tuesday – Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00
(Monday – closing day)

Introducing the Alesis Strata Prime: Your Gateway to Drumming Excellence!

Discover the Alesis Strata Prime – the ultimate ten-piece electronic drum kit designed to revolutionize your drumming experience. Featuring cutting-edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship, this kit is perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

Drums That Respond to Your Every Beat

Experience the thrill of playing on dual-zone mesh snare and toms, along with a responsive 20” kick drum that delivers powerful lows and punchy highs. Adjust the tension on the mesh heads for personalized rebound and expressiveness, eliminating any unwanted hotspots for a smooth playing experience.

Cymbals That Move With You

Immerse yourself in the dynamic sounds of 360-degree ARC cymbals, offering triple-zone responsiveness for bell, bow, and edge hits. Mounted on standard acoustic arm mounts, these cymbals swing naturally and respond effortlessly to your playing, providing unparalleled expressiveness and realism.

Revolutionary Hi-Hat Technology

Step into the future with the world’s first Active Magnetic hi-hat controller. With laser-accurate precision and triple-zone sensitivity, this 14” hi-hat delivers unmatched realism and responsiveness, powered directly from the Prime Drum Module for seamless integration into your setup.

Advanced Drum Module at Your Fingertips

Explore a vast library of over 75 kits and 440+ kit pieces, meticulously sampled by top engineers from around the world. Navigate effortlessly through the intuitive 10.1” touch display, with instant access to editing, mixing, and recording features, all powered by the legendary BFD sound engine.

Endless Possibilities for Creativity

With over 40GB of included content and four additional sound libraries, the Alesis Strata Prime offers limitless creative potential. Customize your kits, layer sounds, and apply effects to create your signature sound, whether you’re in the studio or on stage.

Experience the Future of Drumming Today

Join us at our store and discover the Alesis Strata Prime for yourself.
With its unmatched versatility, groundbreaking technology, and uncompromising quality, it’s time to take your drumming to new heights with the Alesis Strata Prime!

Take Your Music to New Heights: Introducing Kawai CA series

Kawai is a renowned brand in the world of pianos, known for its commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and innovation. With over 90 years of expertise in crafting exceptional instruments, Kawai pianos are trusted by musicians and institutions worldwide for their superior sound, touch, and durability.

CA901: The Concert Artist Flagship

Experience the pinnacle of digital piano technology with the CA901. Boasting Kawai’s Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action and SK-EX Competition Grand sounds, this instrument offers unparalleled realism and expression. Ideal for professional pianists and discerning enthusiasts alike, the CA901 delivers a concert grand experience in the comfort of your home.

Key Features:

  • Industry-leading Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action for unparalleled playability.
  • Brand new SK-EX Competition Grand piano sounds offer exquisite tonal quality.
  • Premium audio processing and amplification technologies ensure crystal-clear sound reproduction.
  • Modern 5″ LCD touchscreen display for intuitive control and navigation.

Designed for aspiring pianists and enthusiasts who seek exceptional touch and tone without compromising on affordability. The CA501 offers professional-grade features at an accessible price point, making it perfect for home studios, practice rooms, and educational institutions.The CA501 combines exceptional touch and tone with affordability, making it perfect for aspiring musicians. Featuring the Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action and SK-EX Competition Grand piano sounds, this model offers a concert-quality experience at an outstanding value.

Key Features:Class-leading Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action for realistic touch.Brand new SK-EX Competition Grand piano sounds deliver rich, dynamic tones.Powerful 100W, high-fidelity 4-speaker+diffuser delivery system for immersive sound.Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio connectivity for seamless integration with smart devices.

Key Features:

  • Class-leading Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action for realistic touch.
  • Brand new SK-EX Competition Grand piano sounds deliver rich, dynamic tones.
  • Powerful 100W, high-fidelity 4-speaker+diffuser delivery system for immersive sound.
  • Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio connectivity for seamless integration with smart devices.

Step into the world of Concert Artist quality with the CA401. With the Grand Feel Compact keyboard action and SK-EX Competition Grand sounds, this piano delivers premium performance at a modest price point. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the CA401 offers a superb playing experience.

Key Features:

  • Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action for authentic playing experience.
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound with 88-key sampling for realistic piano tones.
  • Redesigned motherboard and speaker system for best-in-class audio quality.
  • Built-in Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio functionality for wireless connectivity.

Not sure which model is right for you? Our knowledgeable staff at Stage Music are here to help. Whether you’re a professional pianist looking for the ultimate performance instrument or a beginner seeking the perfect starter piano, we’ll guide you through the selection process.
Visit our showroom in Sandweiler to try out these exquisite instruments for yourself and find the perfect piano to inspire your musical journey.


Spark your most powerful and capable music-making ever with MPC Key 37, the powerful standalone MPC desktop synthesizer with onboard sampling, plugin instruments, insert effects, and Splice integration, and more. Transform your studio space and surround yourself with music on every side with MPC Key 37.


Make music without getting lost in buttons and knobs.

MPC Key 37’s three-octave full-size keybed is the perfect layout to balance between playing chords and performing melodies. Add expression using the aftertouch-enabled keys or, control pitch bend and modulation to make your notes move in virtually any direction across the keybed. Control your sounds and sonics with 4 assignable Q-Link knobs for precise 360-degree manipulation of levels and parameters.


Featuring the revolutionary MPC standalone workflow

MPC Key 37 features a robust processing core to power sampling and sequencing. Chop loops and samples with ease thanks to the brilliant 7” touch screen. Drag and trim samples with your finger. Lay down your rhythms and percussions with the responsive velocity-sensitive RGB pads in the iconic 4 by 4 pad grid layout that continue to lead the way in expressive beat-making.


Connect and control all your external gear for a unified studio workflow.

MPC Key 37 packs a diverse lineup of I/O to interact with a wide variety of devices. Connect synths, sound modules, modular racks, studio monitors, and more via stereo 1/4-inch inputs and outputs, Direct USB Midi, 5-pin MIDI In/MIDI Out, 4 TRS CV/Gate output jacks, and a USB Host port. MPC Key 37 is ready to sit in the middle of any modern music-making setup.


Never run out of inspiring content to spark fresh, new ideas.

MPC Key 37 is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled for a fast and efficient interface for modern devices and protocols. Start, stop, and sync devices and DAWs wirelessly with Ableton Link 3.0. Control playback across mobile, laptop, and standalone hardware devices with the tap of a button and without tangling cables. Sync samples and loops from your Splice account right to MPC Key 37 for quick browsing and loading into your projects.


Make beats and compose with rich synthesizer and acoustic instrument sounds. MPC plugins are emotive sonically with in-depth controls for versatile customization and sound design.


Take your music across the finish line with powerful effects for creative arranging,
mixing, and mastering of your projects.


Enjoy the MPC2 software on your desktop computer with expanded audio and instrument track counts with support for your favorite AU/VST plugin instruments.