Learn the piano with Yamaha and flowkey

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Learn piano by yourself – the piano app for beginners and advanced players

Have you always dreamt of playing piano or keyboard? Alongside online courses, private lessons with a piano teacher or classes in a music school, there are also other options: Start learning how to play your favourite songs on your Yamaha piano or keyboard right now, at your own pace and whenever you have time – with Yamaha and flowkey.

All you need to do is:
• register your new digital piano or keyboard on the Yamaha Music Member Europe (YMME) portal
• obtain your individual code from the members’ portal
• enter your code when registering on the flowkey website.
You will then have premium access to the app free of charge for three months.

So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself and your new instrument for free now in our Yamaha members’ portal, claim your individual flowkey voucher code and enter it in the flowkey app. With classic exercises or by playing your favourite songs, your fingers will soon be gliding across the keys of your new Yamaha digital piano or digital keyboard – with Yamaha and flowkey!