Roland AIRA Compact series – available at Stage Music!

AIRA Compact puts Roland’s legendary creative magic in the palm of your hand. Jam, perform, and develop ideas anywhere with genre-defining sounds. Chain AIRA Compact instruments together to extend your palette—or connect with MIDI gear, computers, and music apps to expand your existing rig. Fun, affordable, and easy to learn, AIRA Compact brings serious musical power to creators on the move.

Jam instantly.


However and wherever you make music, AIRA Compact instruments are there for you. Stow one in a pocket or backpack and compose on the go. Mix and match them for busking, club performing, and livestreams. Or use them as high-quality sound generators and input devices for larger-scale performances and computer music production.

Aira Compact

Roland AIRA
T-8 Beat Machine

The T-8 Beat Machine is a mini rhythm factory with six tracks of pristine TR drums plus a TB-303 bass track. Embodying decades of modern musical sound, the T-8 gives you the power to create infectious tracks in seconds flat. Craft on-the-fly acid jams or trap bangers with the intuitive 16-step sequencer, shape sounds with onboard controls, and flip and dice beats with simple, yet powerful tools.

Roland AIRA J-6 Chord Synth

The J-6 is a portable synth toolbox with all the building blocks you’ll need to bring harmonic substance to your jams. Pairing a powerfully unique chord sequencer with lavish JUNO-60 synth tones, J-6 packs a versatile feature set into a highly jammable format. Generate soul-stirring song ideas with the turn of a knob and explore 100 chord sets over a variety of genres. Experiment with styles and variations to coax dancing lines and rhythmic patterns from your chords. Add lush chorus, reverb, or delay to frost your sound.

Roland AIRA E-4
Voice Tweaker

Harmonize, auto-pitch, vocode, loop, and glitch your voice all from the portable E-4 Voice Tweaker. Want hands-on control? Connect a mic or input a feed and easily explore effects using the sliders, function buttons, and scatter knob. From looping live jams to livestreaming or tightening up and expanding performances, the E-4 will transform your voice into your new favorite instrument.

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