Tama True Touch Training Kit available!

Get in that valuable practice time while others enjoy their quiet time!

The True Touch Training Kit is a full-featured practice tool that delivers the critical elements of an authentic feel and low-volume acoustic tone in order to provide drummers with the most realistic playing experience available on any modern practice kit. 

To achieve realistic details and dynamic sound range, snare, tom and bass drum pads each have their own unique design and construction that mirrors the feel of actual acoustic drums. Subtle dynamic response reveals acoustic information necessary to make the refined mechanical adjustments critical to advance control, touch, consistency and overall performance. Realistic pad rebound response with super solid feel is a result detailed engineering. In addition to realistically reproducing the rebound and response of acoustic drums, the pads provide detailed sound and feel, along with a high level of stability that helps achieves true, realistic touch. The result is a response that is subtle and dynamic, allowing drummers to control stick response and the sonic nuances that are so important when playing acoustic drums. Drummers seeking to improve subtle technical control will appreciate the way this kit sounds, dynamically responds and interacts with their own playing.
No other practice pad kit sounds like or feels like the Tama True Touch Training Kit!

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