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The new standard for portable keyboards PSR-E373

Equipped with a touch-sensitive keyboard and an all-new tone generator LSI that delivers an amazing array of high-quality Voices, the PSR-E373 is the new standard portable keyboard from Yamaha, perfect for both learning and performing.

An extensive library of high quality sounds

The PSR-E373 features a newly developed tone generator LSI that delivers stunning improvements in sound quality as well as high-quality effects. Thanks to this new LSI, you can enjoy a comprehensive library of 622 instrument Voices perfect for playing in any genre you choose, as well as unique Super Articulation Lite Voices that reproduce the trills and string noise of stringed instruments such as the cello and mandolin—previously difficult to emulate—with amazing realism, for superbly authentic performances.

Experience the joy of playing

With a range of effects similar to those in top-end models and touch sensitivity that allows you to add delicate nuances to your performance, the PSR-E373 has impressive expressive capabilities. It also comes with an auto accompaniment function that provides backing in a variety of musical genres from around the world, such as jazz, R&B, and Latin.

Lesson functions to help beginners progress

Use the lesson functions to enjoy playing the built-in Songs with ease. These convenient lesson functions will help you to practice the built-in Songs and improve your playing skills. The lesson functions are arranged for optimum, enjoyable learning, so just select the one that’s suitable for you, and take your keyboard skills to the next level.

Yamaha P145B, Compact portable digital piano

7 important reasons why the P-145 Digital Piano is the perfect instrument for beginners and practising musicians

  • Compact and portable, play it anywhere
  • Single button access to intuitive learning functions
  • Play through headphones, practice anytime
  • High quality, built-in stereo speaker system
  • Authentic piano sounds to inspire your learning
  • Graded hammer keyboard for an authentic piano feel
  • 3 months free Premium Flowkey access

The perfect starter instrument for aspiring sax players, the YAS-280 alto saxophone is designed for comfortable hand and fingering positions, and a bright responsive sound.

Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone

7 reasons why YAS-280 Alto Saxophone is the perfect instrument for beginners and practising musicians

  • A reliable instrument at an accessible price
  • Responds quickly and clearly to your playing style
  • Precise intonation makes it easier to play
  • A quality instrument for a lifetime in music
  • Adjustable thumb rest for comfortable hand and fingering positions
  • Free 5 Years Warranty and 3 months premium access to Tomplay
  • A bright dynamic sound to keep you engaged with your music