You’re Invited: Yamaha Showcase with Peter Baartmans at Stage Music!

Discover Yamaha’s Latest Musical Masterpieces at Stage Music!

Join us as Peter Baartmans, a Yamaha expert with over 40 years of experience, unveils the Clavinova, Genos, and the impressive New Portable Range.

From the Netherlands to the global stage, Peter has wowed audiences with his extraordinary musicality and deep product knowledge. Prepare for an enchanting performance by this seasoned classical pianist, organist, and Yamaha guru!

🌟 40+ Years of Yamaha Expertise: Peter’s decades-long journey with Yamaha is set to amaze you with his musical finesse and profound product knowledge.

🎹 Unique Yamaha Showcases: Experience the perfect fusion of music, virtuosity, and cutting-edge technology as Peter presents Yamaha’s Clavinova, Genos, and the New P-series (Portable Range).

🤝 Community & Connections: Join a welcoming community of music enthusiasts, where you can connect, learn, and share your love for music.

💡 Expert Insights & Exclusive Deals: Our piano/keyboard experts will be available to answer your questions and provide valuable insights. Plus, don’t miss out on exclusive deals for these remarkable instruments!

Entry is free.

Don’t miss this special event. We can’t wait to see you there! 🎹🎵