Unleashing the Future of Sound: Yamaha Genos2

Prepare to embark on a musical journey like never before with the all-new Yamaha Genos2. As the latest flagship in Arranger Workstations, this groundbreaking release pushes the boundaries of sound technology, introducing a plethora of features and improvements that redefine the playing experience.

Elevating Sound to New Heights

Genos2 introduces the legendary DX7 FM technology, cutting-edge Ambient Drums, and Steinberg’s acclaimed REVelation Reverb, setting a new standard for arranger workstations. Its dual-engine tone generator, featuring both AWM and FM synthesis, brings forth a rich and dynamic sound, powered by the iconic DX7 presets and modern FM voices. This fusion delivers a warm, fresh sound that pays homage to Yamaha’s legacy while embracing the future.

  • FSX keyboard with 76 keys, touch response, and improved aftertouch.
  • 1,990 Voices, 75 Drum/SFX Kits, and additional FM tone generator.
  • 384-note max. polyphony for a seamless and immersive playing experience.
  • 800 Styles, including new Ambient Drums and Style Dynamics Control.
  • 9-inch TFT Color Wide VGA touch screen LCD, anti-reflective, and twice as bright.
  • Enhanced Live Control surface with LED indicators for intuitive performance control.
  • REVelation Reverb, Insertion Effect Bypass, and new Multiband Comp for enhanced effects.
  • Chord looper function for creative performance.
  • Bluetooth® audio, USB Audio Interface, and HDMI Output for versatile connectivity.

Redefining Performance Dynamics

At the heart of Genos2 is a 9-inch touch screen, now brighter and angled for optimal visibility. The Playlist function organizes Registration Memory banks seamlessly, while the updated Live Control surface ensures intuitive control with LED indicators, reducing the risk of unintended operations. Vocal Harmony presets, Chord Looper, and Bluetooth® connectivity amplify the possibilities, providing a wide range of vocal expression and creative performance options.

Step into the future of music with Yamaha Genos2. Elevate your sound, capture every emotion, and unleash your creativity with the most advanced arranger workstation yet. Embrace innovation, connect seamlessly, and make every performance unforgettable. Join the revolution—
Genos2 is where the future of sound begins.