Introducing Arturia AstroLab

Your Ultimate Stage Keyboard 🎵

Dive into a world of sonic exploration with the AstroLab – Arturia’s latest innovation in stage keyboards. Combining the power of synthesis with intuitive controls and an innovative ecosystem, the AstroLab is designed to unleash your creativity and elevate your performances.

Key Features:

  • 34 Iconic Instruments: From the classic warmth of the ARP2600 to the futuristic textures of the Prophet-VS, the AstroLab offers instant access to a wide range of expertly-engineered presets.
  • 10 Types of Sounds: Whether you’re looking for the beauty of a grand piano or the otherworldly charm of ethereal pads, the AstroLab has you covered with its diverse selection of sounds.
  • 10 Synthesis Engines: Explore a sonic palette like never before, from traditional harmonic resonance to experimental textures and effects.
  • Assignable FX: Make impactful adjustments on the fly with dedicated delay and reverb, plus two insert FX customizable on AstroLab and Analog Lab.
  • Performance-Ready Playlists: Access your go-to sounds and settings instantly with the dedicated playlist button, perfect for seamless transitions during live performances.
  • Analog Lab Pro Included: Use AstroLab as a standalone instrument or integrate with your DAW for a next-level composition workflow.