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Electro-harmonix / BASS-SOUL-FOOD

Bass Soul Food Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal

A natural overdrive and clean boost for the tone conscious player to enhance the original sound of an instrument and amp while retaining their essential…
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Electro-harmonix / US BM

Big Muff PI (Classic) Distortion/Sustainer

The NYC original. The USA Big Muff Pi is the distortion that Hendrix and Santana, up to the top contemporary guitarists and rock legends, rely on…
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Electro-harmonix / C9 organ Machine

C9 Organ Machine EHX

The new C9 Organ Machine springboards off the revolutionary B9 to mine another rich vein of classic gold and provide players with nine more definitive…
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Electro-harmonix / CANYON

CANYON DELAY & LOOPER, 9.6DC-200 PSU included

Features:Time-based multi-effects in a pedalboard-friendly size8 onboard delay types, including tape, Deluxe Memory Man, and reverseLooper function…
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Electro-harmonix / CRAYON

Crayon Full-Range Overdrive Pedal

The Crayon is a versatile overdrive with independent Bass and Treble controls and an open frequency range that provides players with a musical alternative…
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Electro-harmonix / DXBBMUFF

Deluxe Bass Big Muff PI Distortion/Sustainer

The Deluxe works great with both passive and active pickups because it's equipped with an input pad that's switchable between 0dB and -10dB.Blend…
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