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Ibanez / GSR200BF-WNF

E-Bass Guitar Fretless GSR200F-WNF

Features:neck type - GSR4 Maple neckbody - Mahogany bodyfretboard - Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlayfret- Fretlessbridge - B10 bridge (19mm string…
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Ibanez / GSR206BF-WNF

E-Bass Guitar Fretless GSR205F-WNF

Features:neck - type GSR5 Maple neckbody - Mahogany bodyfretboard -Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlayfret- Fretlessbridge - B15 bridge (16.5mm…
Out of stock
Ibanez / GSR200-BK

E-Bass Guitar Soundgear GSR200-BK

Highly recommended as Starter Bass Guitar !The Ibanez GSR200 4-String Bass is a hot little bass with nice balance and feel for a very friendly price.…
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Ibanez / SR300E-BWK

E-Bass Soundgear 4 String # Weathered Black

Perfect Beginner Bass Guitar5-piece maple-rosewood neck for extra strong sustain Dual humbucking pickups with 3-band EQ Accu-cast B120 bridge provides…
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Ibanez / SR370E-SPB

E-Bass Soundgear 4 String #Sapphire Blue ( available May )

Neck type SR4 5pc Maple/Rosewood neck and Maple bodyRosewood fretboard w/White dot inlayMedium fretsnumber of frets 24Bridge Accu-cast B120 bridge…
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