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Evans / BD18RB

18" Black EQ3 Bass Resonant

Evans EQ3 Resonant series features an offset 5" microphone port in a single ply of 10mil film. This drumhead series is a popular choice for…
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Evans / BD20RB

20" Black EQ3 Bass Resonant

Evans EQ3 Resonant No Port drumhead series is a popular choice for both players and engineers. This drumhead features a single ply of 10mil film…
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Evans / BD20GB3

20" Clear EQ3 Bass

Featuring two plies of 6.5mil film for a controlled low-end rumble and focused attack, the articulation and endurance of the Evans Clear EQ3 is guaranteed…
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Evans / BD20GB4

20" Clear EQ4 Bass

Get greater focus on tonal response with the combination of a fixed internal overtone ring and the single ply of film with Evans Clear EQ4 drumhead.…
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Evans / BD20G2

20" Clear Genera G2

With an undeniably fat low end, a wide-open response, and maximum durability, the Evans G2 drumhead features two-ply 7mil film, providing a modern,…
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Evans / BD20EMAD

20" EMAD Clear

Adjust attack and focus easier. Balance your power, punch, and low end. The industry standard EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping system)…
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