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K&M / KM16415-000-55

Harmonica Holder

For various harmonica models.Elegant harmonica holder with professional features. Fully adjustable spring-tension instrument holder.Neck frame is…
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K&M / KM16416-000-55

Harmonica Holder for Blues Harmonica Models

Particularly suitable for blues harmonica models. Molded rubber sections on the support arms hold the instrument securely. Easily adjusted by spring…
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Hohner / HOMZ99832

Hohner Tool Kit Pro - Set d’outils, Outils d’atelier, pour harmonicas

• L’ajustement des lames peut être adapté en fonction du joueur • Les lames peuvent être réaccordées •…
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Suzuki / SNB-20

Suzuki Shinobix Harmonica Silencer Full Set SNB-20

Damper suitable for Suzuki M-20 (except low models), C20, F20, HA20, MR550, MR350 and PH20Nincl. black harmonica C Durincl. caseColour: BlackDimensions:…
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