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Roland / E-4

AIRA Compact Voice Tweaker

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AIRA Compact Voice Tweaker
AIRA Compact Voice Tweaker
AIRA Compact Voice Tweaker
AIRA Compact Voice Tweaker
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199,00 €

The E-4 Voice Modifier is a highly intuitive effects box designed to provide your voice or other sound sources with harmonization, autotune, vocoder, looping and alteration effects. Use the physical controllers to manipulate the sounds, and connect together the various AIRA Compact series elements or other electronic instruments, which will work in perfect sync.

A dedicated voice tool with powerful transformation effects
Use the Pitch and Formant sliders to shape your live sound
Advanced Auto Pitch, Harmony and Vocoder vocal effects
Create unique rhythmic effects with the Scatter knob
Process the output sound with high-quality Reverb, Echo, Tempo Delay and Chorus effects
Low pass filter and Noise Gate to eliminate unwanted sounds
24-second looper with unlimited overdubs, undo/redo, and automatic tempo detection
External control of Auto Pitch, Harmony and Vocoder functions
1/4" microphone input with gain control
Headphone output with integrated microphone
Full audio, MIDI and sync connectivity, plus AIRA Link
USB-C audio/MIDI interface with no drivers to install
Lithium-ion battery provides up to 3.5 hours of battery life
Rugged design with solid controllers
Connect to other AIRA Compact instruments or MIDI devices with optional BOSS MIDI TRS cables


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