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Boss / VE-22

Vocal Performer

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Vocal Performer
Vocal Performer
Vocal Performer
Vocal Performer
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369,00 €

Advanced multi-effects processor with a wide range of vocal processing tools
Use essential effects: compressor, EQ, delay, echo, reverb, etc.
Create outlandish sounds with Lo-fi, Distortion, Radio, Ring Mod and other special effects
Automatic pitch correction for fine-tuning or creating aggressive electronic sounds
Harmonization or dubbing functions to create real vocal ensembles
Quickly produce high-quality sounds from the intuitive interface
Clear color LCD display and multi-function buttons for quick access to parameters
50 professional-quality presets and 99 memories for saving your own settings
XLR microphone input with phantom power and microphone sensitivity control
Two XLR stereo outputs in Stereo, Dual Mono or Wet/Dry modes
USB-C port for recording and playing back music from a computer or mobile device
AUX input for singing along to favorite songs or playbacks
Built-in looper for rehearsals and concerts, or for developing ideas
Three customizable large-surface buttons for foot or hand activation
One jack input for an expression pedal or two external footswitches
Operates on four AA batteries or optional AC adapter
Optional CB-VE22 carrying case for VE-22, microphone, cable and other accessories


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