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Yamaha / YFL-272

Yamaha YFL-272 Flute

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Yamaha YFL-272 Flute
Yamaha YFL-272 Flute
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The 272 is like the 212 but with open holed keys. Open holes encourage good hand position, and the added E mechanism makes top E easier to play. Going straight from a flute with covered keys to open holes can take some time. Our 272 flutes come with foam pads so that you don’t have to go from 0-100 if you don’t want to. I’d advise cutting down gradually, starting with the pads for index fingers and perhaps leaving the G and D enabling pads on until you get used to it.
The YFL-272 features ring keys, an offset G key and has a Split-E mechanism. This is the standard edition with a silver-plated nickel silver headjoint and lip plate.
Ring keys - Offset G key - Split-E Mechanism
C footjoint - Drawn & curled toneholes
Lip Plate: Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
Headjoint:Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
Body:Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
Footjoint:Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
Rings, Posts & Ribs:Silver-Plated Nickel Silver
Keys:Silver-Plated Nickel Silver


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