<p>BC-930 - Boom/Straight Cymbal Stand BC-930<br /></p>
79,00 €

BC-930 - Boom/Straight Cymbal Stand BC-930

The BC-930 is a member of the MIPA award-winning 900 Series Hardware family, and features a Uni-Lock Tilter for infinitely adjustable cymbal positioning. It&
8217;s telescopic knurled cymbal arm allows for an incredible amount of positioning possibilities. The cymbal arm can also fit back inside the main pipe tube, instantly converting into a straight cymbal stand if so desired.

Cymbal Tilter Uni-Lock
Plastic Wing Nut
Plastic Cymbal Cup
Pipe Joint Die-Cast Joint
Legs Double Braced Legs
Pipes 1 1/8", 7/8", 5/8" + 12mm Rod

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