RW200 - RW200 Rhythm Watch Metronome for Drummer

Features:Tempo ranges from 35-250 BPM for slow jamming or double kick thrashingTempo and beat memory holds 30 songsCustomize the subdivision of your…

DB-30 - Metronome Boss

It’s portable, reliable, and fun to use — the DB-30 helps musicians take their music to higher levels by offering a set of features that…

DB-60 - Dr Beat Metronome

The new DB-60 is a handy timekeeper that can lay down a click in style. Along with the standard functions of a metronome, the DB-60 provides a menu…

DB-90 - Professional Metronom

Practice in style with the flagship of the Dr. Beat Metronome line. The new DB-90 is loaded with quality sounds and drum patterns to make your practice…
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