<p>CTK-240 - Arranger Keyboard 49Keys<br /></p>
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CTK-240 - Arranger Keyboard 49Keys

Where the music is

Unfortunately it is too big to fit in a school bag but the CTK-240 is the ideal starter instrument for all beginners. The CTK-245 comes with 49 standard keys (four octaves) and is perfect for combining fun with serious learning. 100 timbres, 100 rhythms and 50 songs all lend themselves to instructive music lessons. Where the music is! Even the design of the CTK model is extremely impressive: slimline, slender and black - it is a beautiful piece of technology.

Melody Cut Rehearsal System

Melody Cut Rehearsal System provides effective training for the right hand. There are 50 rehearsal songs waiting to be practised.
100 Rhythms

100 Rhythms
From walz to salsa, the 100 rhythms provide a colourful cross section from the world of music.

50 Rehearsal Songs

There is something for every taste: discover a range of styles with the 50 rehearsal songs.

100 Tones
A wide repertoire of 100 high-quality tones.

LC Display
So you don't lose track: the comfortable LC display provides all the important information at a glance.

recommended Power Adapter: Casio AD-95

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