<p>GS1-88 - Grand Stage 88 Piano <br /></p>
2.199,00 €

GS1-88 - Grand Stage 88 Piano

Powered by 7 sound engines: SGX-2 acoustic piano; EP-1 electric pianos; CX-3, VOX, and Compact organs; AL-1 analog modeling; and the HD-1 PCM engine
Acclaimed RH3 keybed responds to your every playing nuance
Premium RH3 weighted hammer action for realistic concert grand feel: heavier in the lower register, lighter in the upper
Master effects, including 3-band EQ, reverb, and delay
Dynamics knob lets you customize the playing feel of the keyboard in real time
Favorites buttons let you register up to 64 of your go-to sounds for instant recall
Korg's Smooth Sound Transition (SST) creates smooth and natural changes between sounds and effects while you perform
Effortless layer and split functionality
Panel Lock prevents sounds or settings from being inadvertently changed
Crafted in Japan to exacting Korg standards
Includes M-SV keyboard stand + DS1H damper pedal + music rest !

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