Hammond / SKX

2 Manual Portable 61er Organ
2 Manual Portable 61er Organ
2.699,00 €

2 Manual Portable 61er Organ

packs the soul of the legendary Hammond B-3 tonewheel organ
Octave switching lets you independently raise or lower the upper and lower manual&
8217;s range by 1 octave
Pedal Sustain allows the Pedal voice to smoothly decay upon release, similar to a double string bass
Manual Bass allows the Pedal part to be played on the lower manual of the Skx
Lower to Pedal couples the lower manual registration to the Pedal part
Transpose lets you shift the entire pitch of the keyboard to match vocalists, soloists, and other instruments, or to simplify key changes
Master Equalizer with Bass/Mid Gain/Mid Frequency/Treble
ProChord allows complex voicings to be played with 1 finger
MIDI Master Keyboard mode with 3 external zones on the upper manual; 2 on the lower; 1 on the Pedal Clavier
Music Player allows WAV/MP3 audio files to be controlled and played through the audio outputs
Rear-panel 11-pin Leslie jack for connecting a physical Leslie cabinet
USB Type A port for saving/loading setups, system updates, downloaded Extra Voice libraries, and the music player
MIDI in/out ports
Audio: Line Out L, R, Headphones
Footswitch, damper pedal, expression pedal jacks

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