The new State-of-the-Art Arranger

KETRON want to craft the most innovative, inspiring and original musical keyboards that can ever be produced today with the technology of tomorrow.

This time they have challenged ourselves with more in-depth studies, intense experimental research and hard-working studio sessions, by involving great international musicians. KETRON aim to offer professionals and to the most demanding music lovers an instrument that would represent the new State-of-the-Art Arranger keyboard in the world.

  • Arranger Keyboard
  • 76 semi-weighted keys, velocity sensitive
  • Aftertouch
  • 216 voices polyphonic
  • 7″ touch display
  • 15 illuminated faders
  • 1280 sounds
  • 62 Drum kits + 32 User Drum kits
  • 2,5 GB sound memory
  • 9 digital organ drawbars
  • Over 400 styles (Real, Live, MIDI, user)
  • Arranger with 580 Live drums
  • 780 grooves
  • 216 guitar patterns
  • Over 300 chord patterns
  • 256 bass patterns
  • Effects (reverb, chorus, delay, distortion…)
  • Stem multitrack player
  • Audio & MIDI recorder
  • three-voice Vocal harmonizer
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Internal 240GB SSD hard drive
  • 2 microphone inputs
  • Line input
  • Stereo output
  • 2x assignable aux output
  • MIDI Out, Thru, 2x In
  • HDMI video output for song lyrics, scores…
  • 2x USB Device
  • 1x USB Host

A workhorse for the stage and for songwriters.

In its capacity as an arranger keyboard, the EVENT is perfectly equipped. Hardly a genre is left out and the combination possibilities during live playing as well as with prepared titles is simply enormous! Styles and patterns can be exchanged and varied in tempo in a flash. With over 400 styles, which are divided into the areas Real, Live, MIDI and User; 580 Live Drums780 Grooves216 Guitar Patterns, over 300 Chord Patterns and 256 Bass Patterns, everything you could wish for is on board for a successful start. naturally, you can also create your own styles, grooves, patterns and chord patterns! In addition, a stem player is implemented in EVENT. This makes it possible to play several audio tracks simultaneously in perfect synchronization. The audio tracks have individual mute and volume controls and you can adjust the transposition and tempo of all tracks simultaneously without changing the pitch of the drums. This way you can exclude the piano or bass line if you want to play it yourself live. Typical applications for the stems are songs, or with or without lead track, especially interesting for entertainers like singers, guitarists or saxophonists, or for general audio riffs suitable for jam improvisations.

Sounds & Effects

The EVENT’s 2.5GB sound memory provides a selection of over 1280 high-quality tones and 62 percussion sets that are ideally suited for various styles such as rock, pop, schlager, folk or evergreens. In addition, there are numerous memory locations for sounds you have created yourself. Thanks to the nine sliders to the left of the touchscreen, the most important parameters of the organ section are directly accessible! To give the sounds the final touch, Ketron has pulled out all the stops and given the EVENT several effect variants for delay, reverb, distortion and various modulation effects (including chorus, flanger, phaser) and provided sufficient controls for direct access. In addition, the microphone input is equipped with a three-voice vocal harmonizer (Voicetron), so that even sung choirs and backgrounds can be created in no time at all. The integrated audio mixer allows detailed settings for each track and even includes the different players.

Event Touchscreen

Everything at a glance

The large 7″ touchscreen is the central operating element of the keyboard. In razor-sharp image quality, the touchscreen provides access to all functions and features and also ensures practical handling thanks to structured menu navigation. Numerous dedicated buttons lead to different function areas on the shortest way, which additionally facilitates the navigation through the menu. The effects section is equipped with several knobs, so you can quickly adjust the currently selected sound without having to go deeper into sound editing.

Illuminated real-time faders

The backlit faders to the left and right of the touchscreen are absolutely performance-capable and can be switched for numerous tasks. They provide direct access to the drawbars of the virtual organ, the mixer section or Equalizer at the touch of a button. Depending on the selected action, the colour of the backlight also changes.

Ketron Event Faders

Professional connections

The back of the EVENT is pleasingly well equipped. In addition to the keyboard, there are the foot pedal connections Expression, Sustain and the pedalboards FS6 and FS13. This increases the expression possibilities at the keyboard with the usual pedals. MIDI communicates via the DIN connectors 2xIn/Out/Thru as well as USB. This is perfect for those who want to run additional equipment like eg. a second keyboard manual, a rack expander or a DAW with the EVENT. In its capacity as a complete all-in-one Live instrument, audio inputs are of course a must! On the input side, the keyboard scores with one RCA stereo line input and two microphone inputs with XLR combo jack and 6.3mm jackrespectively. The first microphone input even has a direct output. For the signal output, there are six 6.3mm jack sockets, organized in three stereo pairs assignable to the tracks and players of the EVENT. There are two USB host ports for expanding the memory and connecting additional keyboards and controllers. The HDMI video output shows song lyrics, scores or the mirrored Display on a connected TV or projector.