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Summer Fiesta 2017

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49,00 €
BABY-GRAMMA - Baby GRAMMA™ v2 Isolation Plate (small)

The BabyGRAMMA v2 Amplifier Isolation platform is is an incredibly effective patented device that’s used to float an amp or loudspeaker. This carefully engineered studio and live performance solution allows the true sound of your amp or loudspeaker to come through by negating resonance artifacts that can muddy up the tone of your amp. GRAMMA v2 yields nearly total acoustic isolation, resulting in a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed!
When you love your tone but find the room is adding mud or swamping your low end then the Gramma can help. Suitable for standard combo amps, isolating and removing unwanted resonances.
Lower Profile For Increased Stability
Even Better Low-Mid Range Definition
New Easy Grab Handle
1381mm W x 381mm D x 45mm H

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