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These gracious monitors don’t look like the powerful three-ways they are, but your ears will never have heard anything like them.
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Acoustically Concealed Woofers (ACW™) for controlled directivity down to low frequencies.
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The Genelec, The Ones, Trade-in is exclusively available
from selected dealers in Belgium & Luxemburg.
Check out the dealer locator.

  • Genelec 8331AP, Dark grey
  • Genelec 8341AP, Dark grey

You can trade-out your old pair of active or passive monitors.
Any brand but with XLR inputs or banana plugs and functional.

Go to the official Genelec distributor XLR, in Brussels with the copy of the Genelec invoice from one of the selected dealers and a pair of old active monitors.

  • Buy a pair of 8331 at 4.198€* and receive 740€ incl. VAT
  • Buy a pair of 8341 at 5.798€* and receive 900€ incl. VAT
*Typical street price on the 1st of November 2018

The Genelec – The Ones, trade-in is valid from 1st of November 2018 until end of January 2019 or end of stock.