<p>NT1-A SET - Universal studio condenser microphone Pack<br /></p>
179,00 €

NT1-A SET - Universal studio condenser microphone Pack

The R&
216;DE NT1-A Microphone is a complete redesign of the now legendary classic NT1 studio microphone. From the nickel-plated body to the state-of-the-art surface-mount electronic circuitry, you'll love using it. With a self-noise figure of 5dB, the NT1A is one of the lowest noise studio microphones in the world, regardless of cost. Unrivaled low distortion, higher SPL capability, and extended dynamic range make it well-suited for even the most demanding digital recording applications. Includes shock mount. Requires phantom power.

Rode Microphones NT1-A Microphone Features:

* Nickel plated body
* Unrivaled low distortion
* Ultralow self-noise (5dB)
* High SPL capability
* Extended dynamic range

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