Kid's Percussion

Nino Percussion

NINO-SRS1-L - NINO® Synthetic Rainstick "Large"

The NINO® Rainsticks make it easy for kids to imitate the sound of rain. It’s also light in weight, perfect for young hands, and extremely…
Nino Percussion

NINO13Y - NINO® Jingle Sticks Yellow

The NINO® Jingle Sticks feature six pairs of nickelsilver plated jingles firmly mounted on a plastic frame with a handle. The jingle stick can…
Nino Percussion

NINO14 - NINO® Wood Tambourines (1 Row)

The NINO® Wood Tambourines feature a sturdy wooden frame along with a nice sparkling sound. They are available in a one row construction with…
Nino Percussion

NINO24R - NINO® ABS Tambourine 10" Red

The NINO® ABS Tambourines offer enhanced sound options due to attached jingle pairs.
Nino Percussion

NINO33 - NINO® Hand Drum 12"

Ergonomically shaped wooden handle * Plastic head * Wooden frame
Nino Percussion

NINO44 - NINO® Sea Drum 8"

Features * Soothing soundsSize * 8"Material * Two clear synthetic heads * Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. -Arg.)
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