Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Roland / AC-40

Compact Stereo Amp for Acoustic Guitarists and Singer/Songwriters

The AC-40 is an amplifier for acoustic guitarists, with a rich, warm sound that brings out the best in your guitar. As part of Roland’s Acoustic…
Fender / 231-4206-000

Acoustasonic 40 230V

Features:40W acoustic guitar amplifier for small gigsGreat-sounding 2x6.5" Special Design full-range whizzer cone speakersAccommodates an acoustic-electric…
Fender / 231-4006-000

Acoustic 100 Guitar Amplifier

Features include: 100W Output Power, 8” Full-Range Whizzer Cone Speaker, Bluetooth for audio streaming with wireless devices, Finished plywood…

Compact 60 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Compact 60/3 (60W) Black

The Compact has proven that there is an all-round, small,powerful and yet simple to use complete solution for stage, stu-dio and home use that works…
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