Guitar Amplifiers/Cabinets


BC-HOT-VB - 30-watt Blues Cube Hot Guitar Amplifier

Features:Performance-ready 30-watt compact combo guitar amplifier with authentic tube tone and touch responseRoland’s comprehensive Tube Logic…

021-3265-700 - Blues Junior™ Lacquered Tweed

Features:Output Power / Output: 15 WattsControls: Volume, "Fat" Switch, Treble, Bass, Middle, Master, ReverbAmp Type: TubePreamp Tubes:…

021-7360-000 - '65 Twin Reverb - 85 Watts / 2-12" Jensen

A true Fender classic prized by guitarists worldwide for decades and one of the greatest backline amps ever made. The mid-'60s Twin Reverb has seen…

023-4808-000 - Mini Tone Master Amplifier 2x2"

Mini Tonemaster®Yeah, Baby! This minaturized version of the Tone Master boasts glorious tone for its size. Check out the details from the amp…

023-4810-000 - Mini Deluxe Amplifier 1,5W

Mini Deluxe® MD20Honey, we shrunk the Hot Rod Deluxe™! You'll note right away that our new Mini Deluxe has an attention to detail like…

023-4811-000 - Mini 57' Twin Amplifier

Mini '57 Twin-Amp™The Mini ’57 Twin-Amp captures the vibe of ‘50s era Fender®. For the player who can’t afford a real…
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