AW-3M - Dolcetto Orchestral Clip-on Tuner

Clip-on Tuner/MetronomeDolcetto (AW-3M) / Dolcetto-T (AW-3T) / Dolcetto-V (AW-3V) Your trusted tuning solutionHighly visible and accurate clip-on…
TC Electronics

POLYTUNE3 - Chromatic Tuner with true Bypass Polytune 3

Features:Switchable true bypass Alternate tuning modes make it fast and easy to explore open/slide tuningsProvides continuous tuning feedback as…
TC Electronics

POLYTUNECLIP - Polyphonic Strum Clip Tuner

Clip-On TunerPolyphonic perfectionNew strobe tuner with +/- 0.02 cent accuracyState of the art Clip-On TunerNew strobe tuner with +/- 0.02 cent accuracyUltra-bright…

023-9981-002 - Fender FT-1620 CALIFORNIA SERIES TUNER BLUE

The Fender California Guitar and Bass Tuner is easy to use and accurate. It turns itself on as soon as it is attached to the head of the instrument…
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